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They grow up so quickly!!

This picture was taken in 2007, the first time I visited the orphanage and fell in love with these young children. The years since then have been devoted to trying to provide them with the basic care and education that they would need to become healthy, productive adults who could someday support themselves. This fall we passed a milestone... every one of the kids that I met during that first trip has now graduated from 8th grade at the school we built for them, and they have all received a scholarship to continue on to Senior High School or a Vocational Training Institute. Other children joined the orphanage along the way and every one of them has also received a scholarship to continue their education. We even have 17 kids currently receiving scholarships for university! My heart breaks for these kids who were not able to be raised in a family setting with their own parents, but the Ghana Children's Fund has made sure that these kids can still have hope for a good life because if there is one thing we know, it's that these kids have NO hope without an education.

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