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Meet Daniel + Diana | Featured Students

Name: Daniel

Age: 12

Favorite Color: Gold

One day wants to be: A pastor

Name: Diana

Age: 12

Favorite Color: Pink

One day wants to be: A pilot

| Daniel & Diana |

Writing a book about these two would be significantly easier than just a short little bio. Daniel and Diana are two of the four Osei’s (Immanuel 14, John 16) that have been orphaned and raised at Good Shepherd Orphanage. The Osei’s bring an inspiration and a hope in humanity that words cannot accurately describe. They each encompass a strong work ethic, respect for those around them, manners and a sweet innocence that has yet to be tarnished despite their circumstance.

Daniel is perhaps one of the sweetest, most tender twelve year olds you could ever have the privilege to come into contact with and has a smile for days. The boy wants nothing more than to learn and get better at school, so that he one day might become a pastor. He was one of students picked this summer to receive one on one tutoring with the volunteers and not only improved exponentially but also thrived. Most days he could be found looking for his tutor during his allotted time as well as tracking down the volunteer after school or at Prep. Daniel also has a green thumb that would put most of us here in the States to shame. The kid spearheaded a “secret” garden where a few of the orphanage kids could grow their own vegetables, and make their own meals (boiled cassava & snails ) aside from what is provided at the orphanage. The botanical gardens in your home state fail in comparison to what he has done with the orphanage’s overgrown garden.

The best way to describe Miss Diana Osei would be to imagine what would happen if you vigorously shook up the personalities of Mother Teresa, Wanda Sykes and Donald Trump in a mason jar and then packed the concoction in a child. This girl has sarcasm and sass for days, has probably started up a few of her very own lucrative businesses, and loves, serves and fights for every single one of the children at the orphanage. She is absolutely brilliant when it comes to her education and resides at the top of her classes in just about every subject. Diana is also no different than any American Pre-teen. When receiving a makeover this past July this overly conservative gem jumped at the opportunity to have her make-up done just like Lady GaGa’s. But you would be wise to not let the feistiness fool you. Diana is a very sensitive 12 year old girl who wants nothing more than to cuddle up and fall asleep on your lap or shoulder. Good Shepherd would be a very different place without the Osei’s…..

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