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Meet Clement + Irene | Featured Students

Name: Clement

Age: 10

Favorite Color: Orange

One day wants to be: A pastor

Name: Irene

Age: 12

Favorite Color: Pink

One day wants to be: A doctor

| Clement & Irene |

To say that you will not meet two more selfless children is not a stretch with these two siblings. These

two are not only at the top of their classes, have smiles & a sense of humor that will have you rolling, they also encompass what it truly means to have a servants heart, as they serve and care for everyone at the orphanage without ever complaining or having to be asked twice.

Clement, who wants to one day become a pastor, goes above and beyond to assist any and everyone.

While working extremely hard to maintain his position at the top of his class, Clement helps Mama Gloria prepare meals, assists his sister in caring for Oopong and is always running to help the other children. But Clement is also no different than any other 10 year old. He loves to play futbol and is a stud at being a goalie. When he is sick he is an absolute cuddle bug, and he always as his sisters back.

Irene who wants to one day become a doctor has taken on the duty of watching after Oopong (our resident 2 year old). She has taken on the task and duties of mothering him, never once complaining or running from her responsibilities, all the while being only a child herself. Irene, like her brother, is very intelligent and also resides at the stop of her class in every subject. You can typically find her helping the other children of the orphanage with their homework during prep time. As a 12 year old, Irene radiates beauty and that radiant beauty quickly turns to sass the second she puts on a little make-up and a headband. This girl will absolutely have tears running down your face in laughter through her witty personality and hilarious sense of humor.

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