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Dreams Come True

Solomon Amuzu and Eric Yaw were both orphaned at young ages and I met them during my first visit to the orphanage in 2007. They stood out from the other kids... quiet, curious, mature, studious and always eager to help. Their excellent academic performance enabled them to be accepted to two of the premiere high schools in Ghana, and we were happy to give them scholarships. After completing high school they both spent a year teaching school while they waited to hear about whether they were accepted into the very competitive university programs they had applied to. We were thrilled when the news came that they both got admission! GCF has granted full scholarships to both of them.

Solomon is now studying medicine at the Univ. of Cape Coast and Eric is studying business at University of Professional Studies. One of the beauties of having them in university is that I can talk to them anytime I want! I had a nice Skype chat with Solomon yesterday and got to "see" his dorm room. They are doing so well and taking full advantage of this opportunity. We couldn't be more proud!

In addition to these two boys, we are giving partial scholarships to six other university students. These are students who received scholarships from us to go to high school, and then spent a year or two working and applying to university/diploma programs. Rachel is studying to be a pharmacy assistant, Patience (left) and Richard are pursuing degrees in teaching, Eric and Isaac are studying journalism, and Solomon is pursuing radio broadcasting.

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