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In Ghana, every interaction is met with the phrases, "Akwaaba" (welcome) and "Ete Sen?" (how are you). These two phrases are always spoken with genuine joy, invitation and a delighted smile. Community is breathed throughout the country as a whole and is not something that is sought after, it just is. Community is everything to the people of Ghana.

There is extreme poverty and need in Ghana, but like most places that does not define who they are as a country. There is joy, humility and lack of comparison that inspires. Comparison is a funny thing; it keeps you from rejoicing with others in their successes or walking along side in their failures and struggles. Comparison truly is, "the thief of all joy".

Ghana and Uganda are constantly confused with one another. Whether at a fundraising event or in a conversation with a friend at coffee, the two seemingly are always confused, compared or mispronouced. Each country lies on the opposite side of the continent from the other and there are many differences, but there are oh so many sweet similarities! There are kiddos to be loved, volunteers to be supported, giggles to be had and experiences to be shared and celebrated.

"Come Let's Dance" is a non-profit organization in Steamboat Springs, Colorado that exists to love the people of Uganda. The community and kiddos that they spend time with in Kampala, Uganda are genuine, loving and beautiful. Join us in creating an atmosphere of "Akwaaba" here in the States as we rejoice in our differences rather than compare. Take a few seconds to watch the short video that captures "Come Let's Dance" and learn more about what they do at comeletsdance.org.

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