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giving help, giving hope

Every child deserves a chance.


The children living in the rural villages and orphanages of Ghana all have one thing in common:  their lives are profoundly limited by poverty.  Some have lost one or both of their parents to preventable deaths. Some have been abandoned by mothers who could not afford to keep them alive after the death of their fathers.  Some live in mud huts with no electricity or plumbing, and experience aching hunger on a daily basis. And virtually ALL of them have no hope of breaking out of the cycle of poverty without some outside help.


Since 2007, the Tuttle family of New Canaan, CT has been visiting the Good Shepherd Orphanage in Odupong-Ofaakor, and several small villages nearby. They instantly fell in love with these incredible, loving children. They heard the children's hopes and dreams and saw their potential. Sadly, they also saw the stark reality of their daily lives,  and what the future holds for them if they are not able to receive a good education at least through high school. Driven by a desire to reduce these kids' daily suffering, and to provide them with a brighter future than the one that currently exists for them, the Tuttles started the Ghana Children's Fund. 


We are so excited to improve these kids' lives, but we can’t possibly do it without your help.  Throughout this website you will find what we have accomplished, what we are doing now, and what we hope to do in the future to help these children. With every bit of help, we give hope… and that is really what the children of Ghana need and deserve -- hope for a better life and future.   

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