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"Hope 4 Ghana" Supports GFC

Last fall my daughter, Julia, started a new club at New Canaan High School to help raise money for the Ghana Children’s Fund. She had a small but devoted group of girls who worked diligently throughout the year at a variety of fundraisers, and raised over $2,500. They chose to use their money to provide scholarships for two of the girls from the Good Shepherd School who were accepted to high school. Thanks to their efforts, Rachel Tetteh and Hilda Amoah are now enjoying their first year of high school.

This year my son, Aidan, started New Canaan High School, and has joined the club along with several of his friends. The club has already had a few small fundraisers but their BIG fundraisers are starting now!

First of all, they have been busily making bracelets from Ghanaian beads which they will be selling in downtown New Canaan this weekend (in front of Dunkin Donuts). They will also be selling the handmade gold “elephant jewelry” that Joanie Butman designed specifically for GCF. Stop by their table and pick up some holiday gifts while supporting the kids in Ghana (and the kids from NCHS)!

Then, the week after Christmas vacation, they will be having a “small electronics recycling fundraiser”. Please donate your old cellphones, laptops, digital cameras, MP3 players, chargers, and portable GPS systems!! They will be selling these items to an environmental recycling company called Eco-Cell. It’s a WIN-WIN situation!!! Support Hope 4 Ghana and help protect our environment!!

We will have “drop boxes” from Jan 4-11 in the lobby of New Canaan High School, and also at my house (74 Dogwood Lane) and the home of Karen Amero (75 Turner Hill Rd.). Thank you for your support!!

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