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High School Scholarships for Twenty Students

FINALLY!!! We have been waiting for over two months to get the results of the high school entrance exams in Ghana. Due to computer errors, corruption, and who knows what else... the Ghana Education System is only now releasing the results. It’s been a long, stressful wait for our students who took the test (and were supposed to start school in September), but we are very happy to report that 20 students passed the exam and got accepted into high schools! (There was a 49% pass rate for all of Ghana, and that’s about the same percentage that we had at our school.)

Congratulations to: Rachel, Eric, Gifty, Rejoice, Emmanuel, Isaac, Amartey, Solomon, Moses, Stephen, Enock, George, Ishmael, Jacob, Peter, Hilda, Ishmael, Sarah, Edem, Paul and Cynthia!!! Each of these students will be starting school next week... and it will be a flurry of activity trying to get all of their necessary items purchased. Imagine finding out that you had 4 days to get your child packed and off to boarding school! So the administrators of the orphanage now have that challenge, except they have 20 kids to get packed off! (Eight of the kids are from the village, so hopefully their relatives will help get them prepared.)

Each of these students has already been “matched” with a sponsor (if you sent us money to be a sponsor, we’ll be sending you a letter by next week to let you know who you were matched with)... and when they return home from their first term (in about 12 weeks) they will be writing a note to let their sponsor know how things are going at their new schools. Their schools are all over Southern Ghana, so it will also be a logistical challenge to get them all delivered to school on time, but all of the pastors who are on the board of the orphanage will be pitching in to make sure this happens.

All of you sponsors need to know that the kids who are heading off to school are positively ecstatic!! They keep telling me that they can’t believe it’s really happening. These are kids whose odds of attending high school would have been nil without the help of their GCF sponsors. Each of you has answered a prayer, and on behalf of the kids I can only say... THANK YOU!!

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