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Those who know me know that I have always felt that I should have been born in the days of the frontier... I thrive on the simple things in life and the outdoors and, frankly, resist so many aspects of modern life. While I finally gave in and let my family buy me a cellphone, it is a source of endless frustration for my family and co-workers that I almost never bring it with me and never keep it charged. I don’t feel that much need to be “in touch”. And so when the world of social networking started to unfold I was completely mystified... and for years I stayed as far away as possible, wondering why ANYONE would want a Facebook page?

This all changed when I was having dinner with some dear friends very soon after David and I started the Ghana Children’s Fund. Stephanie, the wife, has a successful career in public relations, and she told me that I really had to get on Facebook to help spread the word about the Ghana Children’s Fund. If I have one weak spot, it’s the fact that I will do almost anything for the kids in Ghana... and so the next day I asked my teenage daughter, Julia, to help me put the Ghana Children’s Fund on Facebook (not even really understanding what this meant).

What came next is really amazing to me (although not amazing to anyone who knows anything about social networking), and is exactly what I had been longing for for the past few years.! Others who have volunteered at the orphanage have been able to find me, and we are able to share stories, ideas, concerns, and thoughts about how we can help the kids in Ghana. What a gift! For so long I have been quite isolated in my love and concern for the kids at the Good Shepherd, and now I have all these new “friends” who feel the same way that I do! Each time that I hear from another volunteer I am so thrilled... thank you to all of you who have reached out. I am inspired by your love, concern, energy and desire to help, especially given that most of you are young adults who are so much more worldly and socially aware than I was at your age. Individually we can make small differences for our beloved kids in Ghana, but together we can do so much more.

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