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Big Gifts Come in Small Packages

Having just gotten through the season of gift-giving, often struggling over what to buy for the “person who has everything”, it is a pleasure to focus my thoughts back on the children in Ghana for whom our “gifts” will be so deeply appreciated and, in some cases, life-changing. The perfect example is the gift of sanitary pads for the teenage girls. When I first met the “big girls” at the orphanage, they told me they had no access to any kind of sanitary products so they missed one week of school each month, which is very typical for girls all over Africa. On subsequent trips I brought them a case of sanitary pads and they were ecstatic!!! But, of course, they would run out... and have to deal with the challenge of disposing of the pads (burning them).

I’ve been doing research on this issue, trying to find a better solution... and I think I’ve found it! A U.S.-based company called GladRags makes organic reusable sanitary pads. The pads are washable so they can be be used over and over again. The owner of GladRags has so kindly agreed to give us up to 150 pads at a very discounted price, and to ship them to me in time for my February trip. And so the challenge now is to get anyone and everyone to buy one last holiday gift: the gift of freedom and opportunity that a sanitary pad can provide for a girl at the Good Shepherd School. The GladRags website is set up to receive donations ($5 for one pad, $13 for three pads). Click here to learn more about this very simple but VERY life-altering gift:

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